Week in Review: This is Why I Don’t Take Vacations

It has been a looooooong week of playing catch-up after my week away. A week away I desperately needed (and a weekend without my kiddo that was literally everything I could have asked for from a kid-free couple of days), but a week away that, as a freelancer, I obviously didn’t get paid for.

Hence the week of sleepless nights I’ve had since coming back as I’ve worked to meet all my deadlines and wade through all my e-mails – some of which I still haven’t gotten to, but I’m getting closer. I promise!

Still… so worth it:


(Look at those eyes, though… Yeah, those are the eyes of a tired mama who needed a break from reality.)

Anyway, I’m going to keep this short and sweet, as there is still plenty of catching up to do! I did have two new pieces published this week, and I’m super proud of them both:

Now, back to those e-mails!

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