Week in Review: Playing Hooky

I am finally almost caught up on work and deadlines after my adventure in Denali. By the end of this weekend, I should be completely back on track.

Fingers crossed.

But today? Today the sun is shining and my girl and I are playing hooky. Because the fair is in town, and we love mommy daughter fair days.


Gah! That picture was 2 years ago… she was such a little nugget!

We’ve had a pretty incredible week. Maybe mostly because of this and this and Mommy’s head just being in a good place for the first time in too long… this is why vacations are so important! And why all this catch-up I’ve been playing has been worth it.

Because I am a happier, healthier mama (and therefore a happier, more productive writer and editor) when I give my soul a chance to breathe every once in a while.

Which is where I leave you now… headed out to breathe.

Oh yeah, I did have one piece published this week:

It’s kind of near and dear to my heart. Enjoy!

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