Week in Review: Outnumbered

We had Trick or Treat in the Heat last weekend, which is basically an excuse to get kiddos out celebrating Halloween before there is snow on the ground up here in Alaska (not entirely true – it’s actually a really cool charity event, too).

Unfortunately, it absolutely poured on us, which kind of defeated the purpose. But Cheeks didn’t mind. Because… candy.

Work is going well and I’m finally feeling all caught up. I’ve got two new big editing jobs on my plate, and I had these pieces published this week:



This weekend I’m watching a friend’s two little boys while she and her husband take off for an anniversary celebration. I’ve actually really been looking forward to it, especially the cuddly baby time (she has an 8 month old). Until she reminded me that babies wake up early (6 am… blah). And I remembered the numbers are not in  my favor: Three kids to one adult.

I’m going to need gobs of coffee.

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