Week in Review: Winter’s Coming

Last weekend, some friends and I drove a bit out of town planning on seeing some fall colors and doing a bit of exploration. Instead, we found this:



Funny story: I posted that picture on my personal Facebook page, and was immediately inundated by text messages along the lines of, “Who’s the guy?” and “Dude, are you coupled up?”

Ummmm, yeah… no. That’s my cousin. He’s been up here for the summer for work, and we’ve had a ton of fun having family around. Not my boyfriend. Everyone needs to calm down.

The whole thing had me cracking up; people are apparently hard up for me to find love. But I’m also half convinced, “Is that  your boyfriend?” might be the single woman’s, “How far along are you?” It’s just one of those questions that maybe, if you don’t know the answer, is better left unasked. Because, wah… wah… wah… no man in my life. Thanks for asking though! 😉

Now, back to that snow. We were about an hour out of town, and up in the mountains a bit. So this hasn’t hit Anchorage yet. But just seeing it? Just being ankle deep in it? It got me SO excited for winter!

Bring on the snow! I’m ready! And my girl is too!

Here’s what I’ve had published recently:


I’ve also been plenty busy with a few new editing jobs and the big social media management gig. So busy that I am WAY behind on e-mails. Ooops! Probably time to catch up on that…

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  1. Cristy

    Now I’m wondering how they reacted to hear he’s your cousin (anyone ask for his number?). We still have this fascination with coupling people up. Just look at the tabloids. Oh well.

    See the photo of snow got me super excited too. Bring it on!!!

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