Week in Review: The Election

I’m tired. Is anyone else tired? Like really, deeply exhausted?

I have a lot of foreign clients who have asked me in the last few days how I feel about the election results. The truth is, I’m as shocked as anyone. And I’m sad. And I’m scared.

But I’ve also been trying really hard to re-evaluate, and to listen. I feel like I’ve been having some good conversations, even if I don’t always understand. And in the end, my feelings can be summed up here, and here, and definitely with this.

There has been SO much hate tossed around this election season, and to be fair – I’ve seen it from both sides. As an American, I’m hoping we can somehow find a way to rise above that. As a mother, I’m watching, and I’m waiting, and I’m not opposed to doing whatever may be necessary to protect my daughter.

As a writer… I’ve hit the wall. I simply cannot write about politics anymore. I need a break.

Thankfully, I have plenty on my plate to offer that up! I am in the process of negotiating the work on a project I am REALLY excited about right now. And I had a few new articles published this week as well:

Life is good, and I believe in the good of people enough to believe that good will prevail. So that’s where I’m focused right now: On the good in my life, the good in the people I love (even those with a different take on the issues from me), and the good in my little girl… who I can’t wait to have an entire weekend to spend playing with!

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  1. Cristy

    I’m hurting too. Like so many. Am thinking of you and all who are hurting from this. And thinking about every member of this nation as we prepare to move forward.

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