Week in Review: All The Things

I think I’ve mentioned before that when you start writing for a living, updating your own blog becomes less and less of a priority. I wish that weren’t the case, but in any given month I may have 20 to 35 writing assignments, at least two¬†books I’m developmental editing, social media accounts I’m running, and my own fiction novel I’m slowly but surely working towards completing.

Oh, and did I mention I’m still single-momming it with my amazing 4 year old?

All the things add up, and the personal blog fades into the background.

But I’ve been thinking lately about some of the things I’d like to write here. Maybe a FAQ series, answering questions I get all the time about self-publishing, traditional publishing, and what you should expect from the editing process. As well as ways to make writing a career, if that’s truly something you dream of. The kind of stuff that, sure, I could probably find an outlet to pay me to write, but that I’d rather feature in my own space.

So next week, hopefully, I’ll start finding the time to write one of those posts a week. And hey, maybe I’ll even get back to a regular Week in Review while I’m at it!

In the meantime, Facebook remains the best way to keep up with our crazy life in Alaska, with Instagram following behind in second.

And hey, if you’ve really missed my writing, here are some highlights from the past few months:


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