Week in Review: Holiday Prep

Have you ever noticed how the weeks leading up to the holidays feel extra magical and extra frantic? We spent the weekend making a holiday countdown chain (which Cheeks insisted we extend out to her birthday in February – so the chain now wraps around her entire room) and I am equal parts ecstatic and ill prepared for the month of festivities to come.

But next week is Thanksgiving, and I am fully prepared to eat!

And this guy? He’s still loving the snow!

We had a bit of a heated debate on Facebook this week about Christmas presents (yes, really).

I am thisclose to finalizing a deal to write for a new publication – the biggest I’ve ever written for. So yeah, I’m excited to share that news with you all!

I’ve lined up a few new editing jobs moving into January.

And these are the pieces I had published this week:

I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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