For as long as I can remember, writing has been my preferred mode of communication. Growing up in Arizona, I was keeping journals from the time I could read and winning writing contests beginning in grade school. Those who love me have come to expect novel length e-mails on a myriad of subjects and I am regularly teased over my inability to embrace text speak.

Still, there was always that voice in my head telling me that no one ever actually grew up to be a writer. So I pursued a safer path, getting my degree in psychology from San Diego State University in 2008. My focus was on developmental psychology, always intending to work with abused and neglected children once I received my master’s. I decided to pursue a career in Human Resources in the interim. However, life had other plans and shortly after my college graduation I began to experience health issues which eventually stripped me of my ability to have children. Young and single, I turned to the only method I had ever known for working through my feelings; I began a blog in 2009 documenting my journey as a Single Infertile Female, shocked to find how quickly my audience expanded beyond just family and friends.

Doors were opened that day, and over the last several years many opportunities have come my way because of that blog. I have served as a correspondent for Huffington Post, been involved in Redbook campaigns, and come into contact with those who encouraged me in the writing and publishing of my first book. Chances to contribute to other outlets continued to present themselves until one day I had to admit, I had actually grown up to be a writer. I quit my day job and embraced the dream – never once looking back.

When I’m not pursuing my passion for the written word, you can find me playing with my beautiful daughter, who I adopted in 2013. We are often exploring our home in Alaska, as I share my love for hiking, fishing and camping with her. I am a slave to the jogging stroller and a summer girl at heart who found herself up north on a whim. I have faith in a world that often seems chaotic and broken, along with a desire to leave everything better than I once found it.