Content Writing

The key to a good content writer is finding someone with a voice that will stand out from the crowd. I believe in my work and never accept jobs I am not passionate about. I will carefully review every word I write for you with a determination that will accept nothing but the best. I have experience writing for several popular online publications, as well as a background in creating compelling web content and a history of providing every client with exactly what they are looking for.


Ghost Writing

If you have a story to tell, but fear you lack the writing ability to tell it – I am your girl. Through a series of conversations, I will work with you to develop an outline of the book you hope to create. Once writing begins, I will send you each chapter as it is completed so that you can provide your feedback and we can work together to ensure every sentence meets your standards. I will remain by your side through multiple rounds of editing, and continue to hold your hand through the publishing process should you desire my services that long.


Developmental Editing

Every good book needs at least two professional editors: a developmental editor and a line editor. Developmental editing is a skill that involves helping an author shape a project from conception. A good developmental editor will be with you for several rounds of editing, picking up not only on the grammatical and spelling errors you may have missed, but also on the perceived holes in your plotline and ways to make the story better. Developmental editing digs past the technical and focuses more on turning your book into something readers won’t want to put down. I am a voracious reader with a strong understanding of what it takes to pen a successful novel, and I have worked with an author who went on to sign a 2-book deal with HarperCollins after I provided developmental editing services on her manuscript. With my background in writing and publishing, I have exactly what it takes to serve as the developmental editor on your next project.  Let me help you create a novel that surpasses your wildest dreams.


Line Editing

One of the biggest mistakes many authors make is in thinking they can get away with not hiring a line editor. They convince themselves that their mother/roommate/girlfriend can serve in this role, and that a second pair of eyes is all they really need to ensure their manuscript is fit for publication. They are wrong, and they will quickly come to find out just how wrong they are when the scathing reviews start coming through. Even the best stories can benefit from a professional’s touch, and even the most skilled writers are susceptible to typos and sentence structure issues when penning large amounts of text. Once you have read through something enough times, you begin to gloss over the errors that will be blatantly obvious to your readers. Don’t make that mistake. Hire a line editor who can help you to make sure your finished product is polished and ready for publication. I would consider it a pleasure to be your last line of defense.


Publishing Consultations

When I first set out on my own self-publication journey, one of the things I said again and again was that I wished there was someone I could hire to hold my hand and walk me through the process. There were just so many options and various avenues to pursue that I was deeply confused about where to even start. But because there was no one that I knew of who provided such a service, I had to dig deep and do my own research. Now, as a successfully self-published author, I work as that hand to hold for many other authors embarking upon their own publication journey. I have the experience to guide you in the right direction and to even point you towards traditional publishing, if that is the path best suited for your novel. I also have contacts with some of the best (and most affordable) contractors in the industry, from cover designers to e-book formatters, and I can provide referrals you can trust in.


Social Media Optimization

Utilizing social media to boost your brand and increase business can sometimes seem like a complicated science, which is why having someone on your side who understands the algorithms involved and knows how to engage your audience is priceless. I am skilled and experienced in social media optimization, and have helped past clients to increase their followers and participation by 20 percent in as little as one week. We can build a package to suit your needs, whether that means having me manage all of your accounts for you, or simply providing tutorials for improving your current interactions. Let me show you what a difference a good social media strategy can make, and how targeted posts can provide greater visibility than any ad campaign you may have otherwise considered.


Resume and Cover Letter Writing and Revisions

In my previous professional life, I was a human resources recruiter for a large organization that maintained several subsidiaries in a variety of industries. I still hold a current Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification and possess years of experience reviewing and drafting resumes and cover letters. As a result, I have a keen understanding of what hiring managers are looking for and I have the skills necessary to get your foot in the door.



Pricing and Availability

Please contact me at to get an idea of my current availability, as well as to review your project expectations so that I can provide you with an accurate quote.