Leah is that rare individual who has successfully blended her passion, purpose, and skill-set into something that serves others. I selected her for my business partner’s editing job because her heartfelt love for her craft was as evident in her own writing as the skills listed on her resume. Her edits were clean, concise, well explained and relevant. We sent her something we thought to be “good.” What she returned is a polished manuscript that we feel any publisher will be proud to include in their portfolio. After putting your thoughts and heart to paper, hiring Leah to edit your work will be the next best move you could make. You will be pleased. I know I will be hiring her again. Thank you – Leah! 

Dr. Lisa Summerour on behalf of Author Rodney Patterson, Trumping the Race Card


Awesome experience! Really helped me flush out my ideas besides being incredibly prompt and communicative. And SO supportive, she really “gets” it, which is rare. I feel more confident about my manuscript than ever before.

Tiffany Jackson, Allegedly (currently awaiting traditional publication as part of a two-book deal)


Great writer. Professional. She helped me a lot and gave me confidence in my writing. I recommend her for anyone wanting help with developing a story.

Amelie S. Duncan, Tiger Lily Series


Leah provided an excellent developmental edit for my novel. The initial scope was for a line-edit, but after she read through and saw that my work was desperately lacking, we revised the terms. Let me just say that I am so thankful that she suggested that! Let me just summarize her notes this way: she didn’t just let me throw darts at a dartboard, she taught me how to launch missiles with my writing. My novel will be vastly better for this in the long run, and I will be eternally thankful for her involvement. Strongly recommend!

J. Warren LunneLaps for Miles


I’ve been working with Leah for a little over a year now. She’s amazing!

K.J. Farnham, Click, Date, Repeat and Don’t Call Me Kit Kat


Leah did a terrific job on the editing of my story. Her developmental edit was thorough, constructive and professional. She also did some light line editing and made great suggestions for copy to add to help flesh it out. She also made suggestions for keeping my voice consistent for a YA audience. Her support afterward was kind and encouraging.

Pippa Giselle, Mystic Mountain


If I could work with Leah on every kind of project, I would without question. Her brilliance and overall communication is magnificent, and I am definitely bringing her back in for the next writing project. She is detailed, takes an interest, and truly cares about the project success. You want her to take your product to the next level. Thank you Leah!

John Consalvo, The Lighted Blade


Leah is a word wizard with a notable background in all it REALLY takes to communicate, organize and prepare a book for publishing! I received more mentorship and help than I expected and she’s a super cool chic too!

Mindee Hardin, Boogie Wiped


It has been simply amazing to work with Leah as she completed two rounds of developmental editing. As a first time author it can be nerve wrecking to have your work critiqued. However, Leah was thorough and constructive and also managed to always be kind during this process. I can’t wait to work with her again on future projects!

Kisha Mays, From Failure to Fearless


Great with recognizing areas I need to expand on in order to really bring out my story. Very prompt with responses and getting the job done. Thank you!

Rebecca Lalk, I’ll Take My Disease Rare, Please





Leah is the best! She is an amazing writer and extremely responsive! We could not be more satisfied with her and her work! Highly recommend working with her.

Amber Vodegel, Health & Parenting Ltd.


Excellent Freelancer, quite possibly one of the best freelance writers available anywhere. Can cover a broad range of topics , always delivers quality on time, and little no editorial revisions are required with her work. Highly recommended!

Tyler Gamby, Modvive.com


Excellent freelancer. Exceptional writer with interesting and engaging prose. A true professional, she suggested and modified topic ideas to create stronger interest for my audience. Very knowledgeable about the subject areas. Met and exceeded every deadline. Quick and responsive with the very few edits I requested. I will definitely contact her for future writing needs.

Anonymous, (blog ghostwriting project)

Leah is the best! She is an amazing writer and extremely responsive! We could not be more satisfied with her and her work! Highly recommend working with her.

Amber Vodegel, Health and Parenting


Leah is a brilliant copywriter, able to weave many ideas into a very convincing and inspiring story. I am really happy with the results!



Leah did a great job. She ghost wrote a book packed full of useful information, but in a way that was fun and easy to digest. That was exactly what I asked her do. She was also incredibly fast working, friendly and professional. I would recommend her to anyone.

Anonymous, (book ghostwriting project)


Leah was amazing! She met all of the criteria we gave her and demonstrated some of the best writing I’ve seen in a long while. Her writing could be personable and truly suck you into it, or it could be straight information and professional depending on your preference and the topic at hand. Without a doubt, I’d hire Leah again!

Dragonfly SEO


I feel really fortunate to have found Leah Campbell and her services. She takes the time to get the know the client’s needs and desired “voice”. I really appreciated her conscientiousness and attention to detail with helping to flesh out the subject matter. She delivered the text early, which was great, and gave me ample time to review and make comments. She welcomed suggestions and feedback and really was a pleasure to work with in helping to refine the text. I think what really stood out is her willingness and proactive attitude in really serving the client’s vision. She is a talented writer and I will definitely consider working with Leah again!

Anonymous, (blog ghostwriting project)











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